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"Places of Pain“

Vienna - St. Louis, April 2017


Addis' collaboration with Dr Hariz Halilovich

(anthropologist and Associate Professor RMIT University)


This exhibition, through a creative fusion of documentary and imaginary representations of social, spatial and affective landscapes in post-conflict contexts, pushes the boundaries between the notions of subjective and objective, ethics and aesthetics, individual and collective, local and global and past and present. By mixing graphics, photographs, text, documents, drawings, sound and video in reconstructing the fragmented realities -- in which people both thrive and die -- the exhibition calls for recognition of the resilience of ordinary people and acknowledgment of ‘ordinariness’ and individuality of those who have posthumously been put into collective categories, mass graves and war statistics, or elevated to the abstract status of nation’s martyrs. 


Exhibition is realised with the contribution of Aziz and Mirza Ćeho (video) and Mario Rašić (soundtrack). 



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